1. Leave privilege leave :

  • As per Shops and Establishments Act as amended ( by Act of 2017) every employee who had worked for a period of 240 days or more in an establishment during a calendar year shall be allowed leave during the subsequent calendar year. The rate of leave shall be one day for every 20 days of work performed by him.
  • In the vent there is an agreement the leave shall be granted as per the terms of agreement.
  • Every employee shall be permitted to accumulate earned leave upto a maximum of 45 days

2. Casual Leave

  • Every employee shall be entitled to 8 days casual leave and the same shall be credited into the account of the employee on quarterly basis but shall lapse if un-availed at the end of the year

3. Public Holiday and Festival Holidays

  • There are 4 public holidays namely 26th Jan, 1st MAY, 15TH August, 2nd October
  • There shall be four festival holidays and the same shall be mutually decided.

4. Sick Leave

  • Employee covered under ESI shall be entitled to sick leave as per the sickness certificate issued by the ESI
  • Those who are exempted under ESI shall be given sick leave as per the policy of the company.

5.Encashment of Leave

  • The encashment of leave is as per the policy of the company or settlement arrived at with the Union.
  • Where the employer refuses to sanction the leave which is due when applied, then the employee shall have right to en-cash leave in excess of 45 days
  • If an employee is entitled to leave other than casual and festival holidays and is discharged by his employer before he has been allowed the leave or he quits his employment on account of retirement, resignation, death or permanent disability, the employer shall pay him full wages for the period of leave due to him.
  • That leave encashment shall be on full wages as if he was on duty.
  • Granting of leave is the prerogative of the employer.
  • Leave is not a matter of right.





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